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JC Marketing Domination’s AFS has one ultimate goal – turning your prospects into clients as part of the capturing leads system. Once you have them in your system, have made a connection and have crunched their data, you must follow up and transform that potential into reality. AFS makes this happen in ways that are far more effective than you could ever be on your own. You save time and money in order to make more time and money.


SMS Broadcasting

Whether on a moments notice or as part of a carefully crafted campaign, you can send out an SMS text broadcast to all or part of your campaign subscribers list. These broadcasts can be scheduled for delivery at a specific date and time or for immediate release. You can receive replies to your SMS broadcasts that initiate a virtual texting conversation! This is one of the features that makes this system very effective when done properly.

Due to the incredibly high open rates for text messaging, there is absolutely no better way to follow up with your customers and get them to follow through on your offers. A change in schedule notification, an offer deadline reminder, or a last minute promotion to help increase business are all great uses for a SMS broadcast. You’ll love this feature and soon find it indispensable to your marketing.


Direct to Voice Mail Broadcast

Connecting with your customers with your own voice has a powerful impact when the message is received with open ears. Sending your messages to customers for them to hear at their convenience is the most effective way to market your business.

AFS provides you with tool to record or upload new voice messages and schedule them to be sent directly to your customers mobile voicemail inbox! (The system automatically determines if the number is a cellular or landline number to that only mobile phone receive the message.) Since 91% of all mobile phone users keep their phone within 1 meter of their physical location 24/7, you will have high open rates for your voicemail message.

The voice messages can be sent immediately or scheduled as needed. This is a highly effective method of following up when done the AFS way.


Email Broadcast

Connecting with your customers via email (such as a weekly email newsletter) has a history of being very effective in getting your promotions and notifications into their hands. The question is how to make it better! Smartly built and filtered campaign lists means you send targeted and personalized emails to your customers. Marketing products and services that they are looking for will greatly increase your open rates and drive sales.

AFS gives you a very easy to use and highly configurable method to send out your email broadcasts. Using our editor you can insert graphics, flash content, links and much more. Email blasts can be as simple or as detailed as you desire and our servers are optimized so that the emails are not automatically rejected by service providers as spam. Remember, Easy, Fast and Effective are the keys to all of the features of AFS!


Postcards and Letters

Direct mail is alive and well and remarkably effective in the right hands – yours! Instant Customer provides these important resources so you really can have everything all in one place. Use Postcards for thank-you’s and reminders, and send professional Letters to move your sales process forward. Don’t settle for any service that doesn’t give you necessary, time tested tools like these!